7/24/20, Plain

Both batches were a tad on the strong side so we used 1.5 tbsp of sugar per bottle for both batches. We made 21 regular sized bottles and one large……..

7/16/20, Mixed Berry

This is first batch which we moved both the medium and large container into the office where it’s darker. We were concerned about sunlight coming in from kitchen sun tunnel especially during the long summer days. We had a number of flat plain – while it could be the bottle tops we also noted that SCOBYs have been looking kind of shabby as of late. SCOBYs looked much improved after 8 days in the office.

The medium batch was just right. We used strawberries and blackberries pureed using 1/3 cup plus 1 tsp sugar to make 9 bottles.

The large batch was a tad weak but not bad. We made 13 plain using 1 tsp of sugar.

We pulled the mixed berry after 4 days and it was slow eruption but not bad. A bit on vinegary side.

7/8/20, Plain…again.

We forgot and the first fermentation went 9 days instead of the usual 8. Both batches were strong but not horribly vinegary. We made 21 bottles with 1 tsp of sugar each.

6/21/20, Greyhound

We once again used beautiful ruby grapefruit from the farmer’s market as this maybe the last batch from the vendor. We used the medium batch which came out perfect this week. We added 1/3 cup grapefruit juice and 1 tsp sugar and made 11 bottles.

The large batch was also perfect we used some to finish the grapefruit. We made 11 bottles of plain w 1 tsp sugar.

6/13/20, Greyhound

The medium batch was good strength though a tad sweet. We found beautiful ruby grapefruit at the farmers market and squeezed out fresh grapefuit juice. We used 1/3 cup per bottle, 1/2 tbsp sugar to make 10 bottles of grapefruit.

The large batch was good strength but also on the sweet side. We used 1/3 tbsp sugar and made 13 bottles.

The grapefruit was pulled after 3 days and was not explosive. It was on the sweeter side so will used 1 tsp sugar next time if the batch is sweet.

6/5/20, Strawberry-raspberry

The medium batch was on the sweet/weak side. We used fresh strawberries and raspberries and pureed and added 1/3 cup plus 1 tsp sugar and made 10 bottles.

The large batch was also on the weak/sweet side. We made 13 bottles with 1 tsp sugar.

We pulled the straw-raspberry at 2 days and it ok – slow eruption but manageable.

5/28/20, Pineapple Mint Express

Large batch was strong and slightly sweet but not too vinegary. We wanted to try something different so we added 1 tsp chopped fresh mint leaves, 1/3 cup blended thawed frozen pineapple and 1/2 tbsp sugar. We made 10 bottles.

The medium batch was strong as well and we made 12 bottles using 1/2 tbsp of sugar.

We pulled the first pineapple at 2 days and it had a pop with some decent fizz. The rest were refrigerated at 2 and a half days and with the additional half day bottles were started to ‘erupt’ more.

5/20/20, Plain

We did another all plain bottling. This time both medium and large batches were quite strong. We made 20 bottles using 1/2 Tbsp of sugar.