2/23/21, Grape

We did grape again, mainly cuz I wanted to cut more back on sugar. We did 14 bottles using the large batch (which was almost just right maybe a tad sweet) and used 1/2 tsp of sugar. Pulled a test bottle at 5 days and it was perfect!

Using a little bit of leftover large and all of medium batch (was just right less sweet than large) we made 9 bottles of plain w 1 tsp sugar.

2/15/21, Plain

Both batches were good. The large as usual was a tad weaker than the medium. We used 1 tsp sugar to each bottle and made 21 bottles.

2/7/21, Grape Ape

The large batch was good not too strong or sweet. We made 12 bottles of grape ape w 1/3 cup organic concord grape juice and 3/4 tsp sugar. The medium batch was a bit stronger but not too much. We made 10 bottles with 1 tsp sugar.

1/30/21, Plain

Plain batch was good medium and large were just right. We did all plain making 15 regular bottles and 2 large bottles with 1 tsp sugar (1/2 tbsp on large bottles).

1/22/21, Grapefruit

Both the medium and large batch were good a little strong. We used grapefruit juice 1/3 cup with 1 tsp of sugar making 14 bottles. We made 12 bottles of plain using 1 tsp sugar.

We pulled grapefruit at 5 days and it was just right.

1/6/21, Mimosa orange

Happy New Year! First buch of the New Year is orange. We used 1/4 orange juice and 1 tsp sugar and made 12 bottles using large batch. The large batch was just right.

With leftover from large batch and using medium batch we were able to make 10 bottles w 1 tsp sugar. The medium batch was just right as well.

Pulled the orange Monday and it was not explosive.

12/29/20, Greyhound

The large batch was a little weak and we used it for the plain batch. We made almost 12 bottles (1 tsp of sugar) …the 12th bottle was just a tad short.

The medium batch was just right and we used it to make 11 grapefruit (1/2 tbsp sugar) kombucha bottles.

Grapefruit was pulled at 5 days and shockingly was not explosive. Had good fizz.

12/21/20, Plain

We made 21 bottles of kombucha with 1 tsp of sugar from medium and large batch. As always the medium was a little bit stronger but both were just right.