6/18/21 Plain

We made 17 bottles of plain 1 large – the 10 bottles from large batch had 1 tsp of sugar. The large bottle had 2 tsps sugar.

The medium batch was a tad vinegary so used 1/2 tbsn for 7 remaining bottles.

5/7/21, Plain

We were supposed to do the kombucha 5/6 but forgot. Large batch just right but a tad sweet the medium batch was stronger. I used 1 tsp sugar and made 21 bottles.

Since we were moving into the RV we did not brew any batches but made tea to hold the scobies.

4/28/21 Greyhound

Both large and medium batches were a tad sweet and weak(less scoby) but ok.

We used the large to make 14 bottles of grapefruit 1/3 cup juice 1 1/2 tbsp sugar.

Plain made 9 bottles w 1 tsp sugar.

4/12/21 Tangerine Dream

Both batches were just right. We went all out and used the large and half the medium batch to make 19 bottles of tangerine (1/3 cup tangerine and 1 tsp sugar). We made 4 bottles of plain w 1 tsp sugar.