7/12/2021, Another OG Plain

Got lazy and uncreative so went with the standby as it’s the most popular.

Also, in this batch we ran out of the David’s Tea Tie Guan Yin and went with Four Season Oolong (not a Tie Guan Yin but roasted) in the medium batch. It was sour and light and after first fermentation did not taste like our usual OG. Sigh. We did 8 bottles of the 4 seasons w teaspoon sugar – was also vinegary. We made12 bottles from large w 1 tsp sugar from large batch which was just right.

We continue on the search for a replacement tea. Found a Canadian brand and ordered 4 samples of 4 different roasts of Tie Guan yin…fingers crossed…

6/26/21 Strawberry

Made 9 bottles of strawberry using 1/4 cup of strawberry and 3/4 tsp sugar. After one and half days it was still flat (even with muggy warm weather). Pulled them out of fridge and left on counter overnight and returned to fridge. Did not pop was slow rise with a little bit of fizz.

Made 12 bottles of plain with 1 tsp sugar. Both batches were sweet and a tad vinegary.

6/18/21 Plain

We made 17 bottles of plain 1 large – the 10 bottles from large batch had 1 tsp of sugar. The large bottle had 2 tsps sugar.

The medium batch was a tad vinegary so used 1/2 tbsn for 7 remaining bottles.