11/11/20, Plain

Kombucha batches for medium and large were a little strong but not too bad. We made 24 bottles with 1 tsp sugar per bottle.

11/3/20, More passionfish

We turned up the heat in the house due to cold weather so at 9 days the buch was ready! We continued on with the passionfruit – I think there will be one last batch as the vine is producing less. It wasn’t bad as I harvested over 400+ and that’s with sharing with the rats, mice, squirrels and opossums.

We made 14 bottles of passionfruit and 2 tsp of sugar per bottle and 13 bottles of plain with 1 tsp of sugar.

We pulled the passionfruit at 3 days but it was too early even though the pulp was rising in the neck.

10/26/20, Passionfish

We pulled at 10 days and things as we tested at 9 and was a bit weak. Ten days was good for the batch as days are getting colder. We ended up making 18 bottles of passionfruit w 2 tsp sugar. We made 3 regular sized plain (1 tsp sugar) and 2 tall (1/2 tbsp sugar).

10/17/20, Plain

We waited 9 days vs usual 8 days because we forgot :). It was fine a bit strong but not bad. We used 1 tsp sugar and made 20 bottles.

10/08/20, Passionfish

We let the 1st fermentations go to 9 days (instead of the usual 8) as after testing it the large seemed weak. The extra day helped and it could’ve gone even another day.

We used the large batch to make the passionfruit. I scooped out over 100 passionfruit to make this passion fruit batch. I added 3 squirts of sugar water – maybe too much as it was already sweet. For first time I left the seed in adding 1/4 cup and 1/2 Tbsp sugar per bottle. We were able to make 10 bottles.

With the remaining kombucha we made plain adding 1 tsp sugar making 11 bottles.

The passionfruit was pulled at 3 days and it was a tad explosive but manageable.