9/13/19, Tangerine Dream

The large batch was weak and sweet – not sure why as it was a very hot week and a beautiful giant scoby formed. We used a different tangerine juice not sure if it will be as good. We used 1/3 cup juice, 1/2 Tbsp sugar and made 13 bottles.

The medium batch was also oddly weak. We used 1/2 Tbsp sugar and made 9 bottles.

9/5/19, Greyhound grapefruit

The large batch was slightly strong but still sweet. This time we used pre-made fresh squeezed grapefruit using 1/3 cup juice, 1/2 Tbsp sugar. We made 14 bottles.

The medium batch seemed slightly strong. We added 1/2 Tbsp sugar and made 8 bottles.

Grapefruit was pulled 3 days and came out with very little pop but a good fizz.

8/28/19, Tangerine dream

The large batch was on the sweet side and not very strong. Greg said he did not transfer a lot of the SCOBY from previous batch which affected the strength of the kombucha. We used tangerine juice and added 1/3 cup, 1/2 Tbsp sugar to each bottles. We made 14 bottles.

The medium batch was just right with more punch than the large batch. We made 9 bottles of plain with 1/2 Tbsp sugar.

Tangerine was pulled at 3 days and was just right.

8/20/19, Pineapple Express

Large batch was very fizzy, strong but not crazy strong – well at least for me :). We pureed chunks of pineapple and used 1/3 cup and 1/2 Tbsp of sugar to make 15 bottles.

Medium batch was good, tea was strong but not too vinegary, moderate fizz. We made 8 bottles w 1/2 Tbsp of sugar.

We pulled the pineapple at 2 days and it was fine. I left the fridge door open for a few hours and bottles warmed and became sweaty after that it was explosive.

8/12/19, Tangerine Dream

The large batch was strong and not very sweet – not too vinegary though. We used 1/3 cup tangerine juice, 1 Tbsp. We made 14 bottles

The medium batch was strong and was not too sweet – very tasty. We used 1/2 Tbsp of sugar and made 10 bottles.

The large batch was pulled at 3 days. No pop to bottle but there was fizz. Maybe could have been left for another half day.

8/4/19, Peach

The large batch wasn’t very strong. We are trying frozen peaches for the first time. They smelled ‘green’ or unripe and were not very sweet. Not sure how this is going to turn out. Blended it and used 1/3 cup puree per bottle w 2 teaspoons sugar. We made 12 bottles.

The medium batch was a little stronger than the large batch but not much. We used 1/2 tbspn sugar, 1/3 cup puree and made 11 bottles. One of the bottles was the new fangled one w the cap. We shall see how that goes and if we can get the fizz we do w our old ones.

We pulled the peach at 2 days and it wasn’t explosive. It lacked any distinctive taste so will not make this one again.