12/21/20, Plain

We made 21 bottles of kombucha with 1 tsp of sugar from medium and large batch. As always the medium was a little bit stronger but both were just right.

11/11/20, Plain

Kombucha batches for medium and large were a little strong but not too bad. We made 24 bottles with 1 tsp sugar per bottle.

11/3/20, More passionfish

We turned up the heat in the house due to cold weather so at 9 days the buch was ready! We continued on with the passionfruit – I think there will be one last batch as the vine is producing less. It wasn’t bad as I harvested over 400+ and that’s with sharing with the rats, mice, squirrels and opossums.

We made 14 bottles of passionfruit and 2 tsp of sugar per bottle and 13 bottles of plain with 1 tsp of sugar.

We pulled the passionfruit at 3 days but it was too early even though the pulp was rising in the neck.

10/26/20, Passionfish

We pulled at 10 days and things as we tested at 9 and was a bit weak. Ten days was good for the batch as days are getting colder. We ended up making 18 bottles of passionfruit w 2 tsp sugar. We made 3 regular sized plain (1 tsp sugar) and 2 tall (1/2 tbsp sugar).