9/19/21, New Hope + and Passion Fruit

The medium batch made 9/12 (made in large jar) was very vinegary and strong – too much scoby. We used 2 Tbsp of passionfruit and 2 tsp sugar and made 9 bottles.

The medium batch which had a smaller scoby was much better. We made 7 bottles with 1 tsp sugar.

9/12/21, New Hope +

On 9/5 we made two smaller batches both with 32 grams of the New Hope (Rishi tea). Am referring to additional one as New Hope +. This batch will be bottled 9/12.

We made 15 bottles with 1 tsp of sugar.

9/5/21, New Hope +, plain and Ginger Peach

New batch brewed on 8/29 I increased the amount of tea…w New Hope 32 grams for medium and 50 grams for large.

Tasted first fermentation of the increased tea amount and it tasted a bit stronger this was bottled today 9/5.

We made 13 plain bottles with 1 tsp sugar.


Used 1 inch piece of peeled ginger and one peeled O’Henry peach (large). Cut into smaller pieces then threw everything into mini food processor. Used 1 Tbsp of mixture per bottle and 1 tsp sugar. We made 6 bottles.

8/28/21 New Hope

Well, it definitely isn’t as good as the OG. I pulled last week’s at 15 days. It isn’t that much better…I’ve ordered 2 new teas…for now we’re staying with New Hope as we have no alternative. The first fermentation definitely is good at 7 days.

The large batch seem perfect (seems closer to OG at first fermentation but second one shows it’s faults) the medium was good as well. We made 17 regular bottles 1 tsp sugar and 1 large.

I am pulling the 8/22 bottles at 11 or 12 days. Will test.

Pulled the 8/22 bottles at 11 days on 9/2. Was good but as Rindon says it’s “spot” but not “spot on” …the tea really made a difference…..