2/15/21, Plain

Both batches were good. The large as usual was a tad weaker than the medium. We used 1 tsp sugar to each bottle and made 21 bottles.

2/7/21, Grape Ape

The large batch was good not too strong or sweet. We made 12 bottles of grape ape w 1/3 cup organic concord grape juice and 3/4 tsp sugar. The medium batch was a bit stronger but not too much. We made 10 bottles with 1 tsp sugar.

1/30/21, Plain

Plain batch was good medium and large were just right. We did all plain making 15 regular bottles and 2 large bottles with 1 tsp sugar (1/2 tbsp on large bottles).

1/22/21, Grapefruit

Both the medium and large batch were good a little strong. We used grapefruit juice 1/3 cup with 1 tsp of sugar making 14 bottles. We made 12 bottles of plain using 1 tsp sugar.

We pulled grapefruit at 5 days and it was just right.