No Cara Cara this time but some nice oranges to flavor a nine day batch. The large batch tasted a little stronger than the small but they both tasted great! We flavored the big batch with 1/3 cup of fresh squeezed OJ and 1/2 tbsp sugar. The plain got a tsp of sugar.  I tried a little different brew technique this time. For the small batch I added two more cups to the pot. Then I added 1 additional cup of cool water (almost) to each, for about 17 cups for the large and 11 cups for the small. I used 22 grams of the best tea buds for the small leaving 37 g for the large. The large got 1 2/3 cup of sugar and 2 cups of starter buch, the small 1 cup sugar and 1 1/4 cup starter. We’ll let the OJ go on the shelf for about 5 days.