This week we show our gratitude to our friends and neighbors by heaping loaves of bread on them 🙂

We’ve kneaded 2 batches (4 loaves), 2 House Wheat (320/420/800) and 2 Olive (320/380/800/1.25 cups). For the olives we set the machine for 25 minutes of kneading and after 10-15 minutes started folding in the olives. The olives contain a lot of oil so they seem to get beat up less when added early before the dough gets too glutenous. We’ll do all four as rounds, baking the plain 30 minutes (first 20 minutes covered) and the olive 35 minutes (first 25 minutes covered) at 425 F.

We’re also making more dessert breads today. The cranberry-orange-pecan quick bread came out great, maybe a little sweet but otherwise awesome. I’ll do that one again with less sugar. I also want to do a chocolate bread and another apple.