We made white sourdough last night and today we’re making wheat bread with 300 grams wheat flour and 500 grams white flour (ok, not whole whole wheat). Yesterday we went back to our pyrex loaf pan (small one) and again today (big one better). Yesterday we baked the second half in the bread machine and tonight we’ll bake a round in addition to a pyrex loaf. We did a very long second proof. I’m thinking 5-6 hrs upstairs in the heat. We are definitely not catching it on the rise. We’ll have to play with a 2nd punchdown (3 proofs to coax out the sourness. Oh we’re also thinking of trying a new recipe with 400 grams starter, 750 grams flour and 400 grams of water. Last night we baked the loaf for 31 minutes and it barely made 195 degrees. That seemed to cut it close as the inside seemed just barely done. Maybe we’ll make 35 with the wheat. Yikes we didn’t make it 30 and it started to burn on top. We pulled it and it read 297 so I think we’re ok but we’re going to reduce our oven to 400 degrees. I don’t know if it’s our oven or what but they are baking too fast.

We also want to try some tricks Barbara read about like throwing ice into the hot pan instead of boiling water. Something about spraying a mist of water inside (on the walls?) to create more steam. I think we’ll try a new recipe called the Three Four Hundreds. 400 grams starter, 400 grams water and 750 grams of flour. We’ll stick with 2 tsp of salt and 2 tbsp of sugar and bake it all at … you guessed it, 400 degrees. So we now have our first 400 degree, cloched boule in the oven for 15 minutes with the cover and …. yikes, well we baked it for an hour because it wasn’t browning. Maybe 400 is too low. OK, back to 425 I guess. Barbara liked the round. She likes the crust and the wheat. Me, not so much. Maybe do the loaves at 400 and the rounds at 425. Ugh.